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Campaign for a Bangalore Orphanage: School fees for 3 kids

Madhu Mansion Charitable Trust is a small orphanage near Marathahali bridge , Bangalore run by a kind couple and is currently struggling to raise school fees for 3 kids.

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Littleapp Buffet Deals promotion on Blogs

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We have come up with Buffet Deals on our app: Little App

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#Obesidat - twitter Influencers - One Day Promotion start from today

Hi Team,

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Stay Home Protest to Stop Donald Trump: Friday, December 16th

This is call for a Stay Home Protest on Friday, Dec 16th. This is a symbolic act of civic non-compliance aimed at the Electoral College. The electors are the last chance we have.

#Obesidat - Facebook Influencers - One Day Promotion Only

Hi Team,

India s new age technology stock broker

Promote a Discount stock broker, Zerodha a next generation trading platform, by traders for traders, stock market education, varsity, zero brokerage investments.

Promote a UN hosted Women empowerment event

Hi all

Shri Siddhivinayak Live Darshan

Encourage people to download the app House Of God from Google Play and watch live darshan from Shri Siddhivinayak.